Visual acuity conversion charts

You often find that one piece of eye-care equipment is calibrated in a different way. All optometrists have a preferred way of recording visual acuity consistently, but your chart may be marked in a different way.

The website linked here has 3 different charts for converting visual acuity measurements (including LogMAR):

1:   Decimal to Metric (1.0 – 6/6)

2:   Decimal to Imperial (1.0 – 20/20)

3:   Metric to Imperial (6/6 – 20/20)

TIP: Print and laminate the chart that is best for your preferred visual acuity measurements in your eye-care practice.  Then put the reference table on the wall near the chart controller.

Click here to go to the page: Then scroll to >Clinical Aids


Click here to view the Decimal to 6M chart as an example.

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