Handouts for explaining eye health

As well as the standard information handouts for Patient Education (about eye conditions like myopia and cataract), two handout sheets have been shared by a practitioner.

The website in this link has downloads that are ideal for use with clinical explanations in the consulting room. There is one about ‘Anatomy of the Human Eye’ in general and another with a ‘Cross-Section of the Human Eye’. Both are a standard A4 size and produced in colour.

TIP: Print each handout and make photocopies for use in the consulting room. Then use these as handouts to support the clinical explanations that you give to your patients – making notes and highlighting relevant areas so that they are personalised to each situation.

Click here to go to the page: Then scroll to >Patient Education


Click here to view the download for ‘Anatomy of the Human Eye’


Click here to view the download for ‘Cross-Section of the Human Eye’.


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