Visual acuity conversion charts

You often find that one piece of eye-care equipment is calibrated in a different way. All optometrists have a preferred way of recording visual acuity consistently, but your chart may be marked in a different way.

The website linked here has 3 different charts for converting visual acuity measurements (including LogMAR):

1:   Decimal to Metric (1.0 – 6/6)

2:   Decimal to Imperial (1.0 – 20/20)

3:   Metric to Imperial (6/6 – 20/20)

TIP: Print and laminate the chart that is best for your preferred visual acuity measurements in your eye-care practice.  Then put the reference table on the wall near the chart controller.

Click here to go to the page: Then scroll to >Clinical Aids


Click here to view the Decimal to 6M chart as an example.

How to print a visual acuity chart

It can be very useful to be able to print a Snellen Visual Acuity chart on a standard colour printer. They can be used for home visits for eye tests, school vision screenings, or by GP doctors for use in their rooms.

This website of optometry resources includes downloads for two versions – one on A4 paper for use at 3 metres (10ft – ideal for a local doctor’s consulting room) and a standard 6 metre (20ft) version to be printed on A3 paper.

TIP: Print copies of the 3M version on A4 paper with a colour printer. Then laminate these, or get them laminated at a colour copy centre. Use the finished charts as a handout when you introduce yourself to local doctors (GP’s).

Click here to go to the page:  Then scroll to >Clinical Aids


Click here to view the A4 download for use at 3M(10ft).