Optometrist abbreviations

Every trade or profession has a popular list of standard abbreviations. If you use abbreviations it is important that you use them consistently. Of course, they must also be understood by other staff and colleagues.

The website linked here has a list of common abbreviations that you could use in your eye-care practice. The list is also useful for staff training.

TIP: Print this list for staff reference and use it as a topic for a staff meeting in your eye-care practice.

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Forms an optometrist can use for employee management

Having good records is important in every business, especially when it comes to the management of employees. The website in this link has a collection of forms for interviewing job applicants; doing performance reviews; and employee suggestions.

TIP: Print the forms and implement them in your practice. The employee management will be more professional; applicant selection will be more effective; there will be a reduced potential for misunderstandings; and staff will feel more involved in the success of your business.

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