Tips for healthy eyes infographic

The website All About Vision has some great resources for patient education.

Our link below is an infographic about ‘8 Tips for Healthy Eyes’. It covers physical activity, diet, eye exams, smoking, eye safety, etc. We find that infographics are a good way to summarise information in a clear and meaningful way.

TIP: Spread the message by embedding this link your eye care website. (See the embed code below the infographic).

Click here to view the 8 Tips infographic


Click here to visit the All About Vision website.

Explain ocular coherence tomography (OCT)

Educating patients about their eyecare is always a good idea.

The website linked here has a Patient Education handout about Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT). It supports the clinical need for OCT and is designed to result in increased uptake of this additional service.

TIP: Print the handout and make colour photocopies with the header banner replaced by your letterhead. Then use these as handouts to support the clinical advice that you give to your patients.

Click here to go to the page: Then scroll to >Patient Education


Click here to view the OCT download.

How to grow an optometry practice

One of the most common complaints from optometry practices in developed countries is that they are not busy enough.

Needing more patients is one thing, but doing something about it seems to be the challenge. The website in the link below has a practical plan for activities to make any practice busier.

TIP: Print the plan and work through each step and project. Delegate some of the tasks so that staff are involved and empowered. Be sure to take measures of the results – remember if you want to improve something, measure it!

Click here to go to the page: Then scroll to >Practice Growth


Click here to view the download.