What are suitable topics for optometry staff meetings

Most optometrists tell us that staff meetings are a good idea, but many of them they have trouble finding suitable topics.

One of the best areas is Staff Training, so that the skills for better patient care are improved.  The website in the link below has several different handouts for topics related to optometry staff training. These include: Understanding Visual Acuity; Frequent Questions; Delivering New Spectacles; Types of Contact Lenses; Common Eye Diseases; Positive Communication; Using Demonstrations; etc.

TIP:  Print one of these handouts and ask a staff member to lead a discussion on the topic at your next staff meeting. This staff member will feel confident because the discussion material is already prepared.

Click here to go to the page:  Then scroll down to  >Staff Training


Click here to view the download about ‘Understanding Visual Acuity’ (as an example of one of the suggestions).

How to make a handout about polarized spectacle lenses

We have previously discussed handouts for Patient Education about eye conditions like myopia and cataract.

This download in this link is about polarized spectacle lenses, explaining the features of what they are and the benefits for patients who wear them. (There is also a similar one about anti-refection lenses).

TIP: Print each handout and make photocopies with the header banner replaced by your letterhead. Then use these as handouts to support the advice that you give to your patients.

Click here to go to the page:  Then scroll to  >Patient Education


Click here to view the download for polarized lenses.