How to measure the usable corridor width with progressive spectacle lenses

Progressive spectacle lenses are an attractive option over the older bifocal lens designs. However, progressive lenses have their own challenges and they demand greater accuracy in lens positioning and optical dispensing.

One of the biggest problems is when progressive lens performance is not as expected, such that the patient experiences problems with a small or narrow field of view for reading. The download on this website is an explanation of how to use the ‘Usable Corridor Width Scale’.

TIP: Print the notes and use these for staff training. The results will help staff to understand whether the horizontal lens positioning is too wide or too narrow; and which lens (R or L) has the error.

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How an optometrist can get more website visits

Every website is more valuable when it has more visitors, so a good way to get more people to visit your website is to have links from other respected websites. One example is the International Directory of Optometrists. To help eye-care providers, the website linked below offers free links to your business website.

TIP:  Add a free listing of your optometry business website to this international directory.

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A survey of new patients by an optometrist

Advertising is expensive, so it’s important to understand what is actually working. If we measure the facts we will know where our new patients are really coming from.

The website in this link includes a download of a short survey for new patients to complete in the waiting room. It only takes one minute for each patient, but the combined results will be very informative. It is also a good idea to repeat the survey over time, to see how the results change when different types of advertising are used.

TIP: Print the A5 survey and make photocopies. Place these on a clipboard and invite patients to give their feedback when they arrive for an appointment. A sample size of 50 completed surveys should give a meaningful result.

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