How to make your own eyecare handouts


Giving people reliable information about their eyes and vision is an excellent way to build an optometry practice.

The website linked here has several Patient Education handouts available. These include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, glaucoma, cataract & diabetic eye damage.

TIP: You can print each handout and make photocopies with the header banner replaced by your own letterhead. You can then use these to support the clinical advice that you give to patients.

Click here to go to the page:  Then scroll to >Patient Education


Click here to view the A4 download for myopia, as one example.

How can an optometrist attract more patients

The most common complaint from optometrists in many countries is that they do not have enough patients. They say that they are trained, equipped and ready, but that their challenge is that they are not busy enough.

The website linked below has a free download that is a practical plan to be implemented by the practice owners and staff. (The worksheet plan is also supported by a separate discussion paper on the same subject, on the same website).

* This plan was originally published in the book What Patients Want

TIP: Print the worksheet plan and discuss it with all practice staff. The results are designed to be measurable, so assign appropriate tasks and then monitor these to the completion of each step.

Click here to go to the page:  Then scroll to >Practice Growth


Click here to view the A4 download.